Simple Crocheting by Erika Knight

A calming neutral color palette, stunning photography and gorgeously simple projects – I’m not sure which of these qualities drew me to this book first, but I instantly knew that Simple Crocheting by Erika Knight needed to have a home on my bookshelf asap. Highlighting the wide range of finished fabrics and textures, you’ll find everything from chic accessories like fingerless mitts, shawls, and jewerly to home decor and even a cardigan.

The beginning of the book opens with a chapter on materials and techniques to get you familiar with a wide range of fibers, yarns, and hooks. Next, Erika follows the introductory chapter with a section devoted to stitch motifs. Each swatch is displayed beautifully along with both written and charted instructions, giving you a clear view of all the possibilities that can be created with a few basic stitches.

Slipper Boots

Aside from the gorgeous photography, one of my favorite things about this book is how each project is laid out. Erika presents the projects in the books as “Project Workshops” where each design incorporates a new element or technique to learn as you go, building upon techniques learned in earlier projects. And although the title of the book suggests that it is a how-to guide for beginners, there is a range of projects that both beginning and seasoned crocheters can enjoy.

Motif Tablemats

The book covers the basics of crochet, however it’s not an exhaustive reference book that covers every possible technique – but that isn’t what it strives to be. Instead, Simple Crocheting aims to get yarn and hooks into the hands of those new to the craft while the book’s artistic sensibility is sure to inspire experienced crocheters.

What are some of your favorite crochet books that you find yourself coming back to time and time again?

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  1. Gloria / July 19, 2013

    New to crochet and am trying different threads and yarns..I do have issue with smaller needles, have also been trying different brands..came across your site found it very this thread different fron aunt Lydia’s brand..if so how?? Thanks