Monarch of the Glen

Monarch of the Glen A

How in the world was I not aware of this series! It is in its eighth year! Eighth!! Do you any idea how many knitting hours that means!

Monarch of the Glen B

Here is the outline of the first year –

While trying to carve a living out of the London restaurant he runs with his girlfriend Justine, Archie MacDonald is called back to his Highland home, to the bed of his dying father,Hector. When he arrives, however, he finds that the news of his dying father was just a ploy by his dotty mother, Molly, to get him to Scotland and tell him face-to-face that he has inherited his father’s large estate and castle, Glenbogle. Archie faces a tough decision: whether to help the debt-ridden Glenbogle, or to return to Justine in London. Archie meets the local school headteacher, Katrina Finlay, with whom he finds he is set to have a love-hate relationship. The feisty staff of Glenbogle —- LexieGolly, and Duncan —- also prove hard to handle, and Archie’s eccentric parents are difficult. To please all, Archie faces the challenge to save Glenbogle.
Monarch of the Glen C

Monarch of the Glen D

I’ve been watching the series via Netflix. If you enjoyed Downtown Abbey, you will love Monarch of the Glen!


  1. Annette / July 19, 2013

    Speaking of Wild at Heart, Stephen Tompkinson is one of the stars on that show, and he also played a priest on Ballykissangel. That was another show along the same lines as Monarch of the Glen, and one that I highly recommend. And every episode of it, I’d see someone wearing some sweater I just had to get a good look at. LOL

  2. Sharon Hobbs / July 19, 2013

    I loved this series and watched it a couple of years ago. Am about ready to watch again. I love the British shows and agree with Juliann. I have also watched Wallander and MANY others!! Great to do my knitting and crochet during watching.

  3. Juliann / July 18, 2013

    You will LOVE this series. The photography is wonderful, and the characters are so quirky! While you are on Netflix, you might try the Wallander series that was before the Masterpiece Theater one. It has subtitles, and I love the actors in that one too. I am now watching a series called Wild at Heart. An English couple with a blended family end up in Africa to rehabilitate a captive monkey. They end up with a dilapidated, run-down wildlife refuge. It is a great series, too. I could go on and on. These British shows are great!

  4. Lizzie / July 18, 2013

    My husband and I just started watching Monarch of the Glen! Why? Because I’m making him a kilt for Ren Faire this year, and we needed to get a good look at how the belt and sporran were worn, of course! Now we’re hooked.

  5. Janet Gue / July 17, 2013

    Too bad the series ended in 2005…