Finally Finished! The Billow Blanket

The feeling must be similar as to when one welcomes their first child into the world: you waited soooo long for it, upon its arrival you giddily parade it before all, and many people – even strangers – want to hold it, again and again.

Yep, I just finished my first crochet ‘child’, the massive Billow blanket. Well, the first crochet child of mine that I like (ugh, you messy cowl!).
Billow blanket
It took me 6 long months to finish (almost enough time to make a baby!), but the journey was pure joy, as Billow is such a luscious yarn to work with and features a scrumptious color palette.
Billow blanket
The nitty gritties:

Billow Yarn
Suggested uses for this buttery-soft blanket? Snuggling with, taking naps on the lawn, a living room tent, a magical cape …. that is, IF you can manage to get out of bed while this delicious blanket is on it!
Billow texture


  1. Cindie Thomas / July 16, 2013

    Love this. Is there a pattern?

  2. Alisha / July 15, 2013

    And now, Heidi, you must give it to me!! I just want to snuggle up in that gorgeous blanket. Nice work, love!

  3. Debbie Clarke / July 15, 2013

    I just watched you tube yesterday and learned how to do the first crochet stitch and made my very first dishcloth !! Ok, I need to get my gauge right and prictice but I am going to be able to do this blanket soon. Now what is this stitch called :). Back to you tube.

  4. Brant Torres / July 15, 2013

    HAD to pin this, and MUST make it. guess I need to learn to crochet now

    • Amber / July 15, 2013

      Rebecca – it looks like chain in multiples of 4

      1st row – double crochet in 4th chain from hook, 2 more double crochets in same st, *chain one, skip next chain (st), 3 double crochet in next st* – repeat to last st, double crochet in last st, chain 3 turn

  5. Rebecca / July 15, 2013

    Can you show the first row? I’m not clear on how you would start the granny into the chain stitch