Pom-Pom Knitting Patterns

Did you hear the pom-pom news? In honor of our new ombre pom-poms (and pom-pom sets!), here are some great knitting patterns that incorporate pom-poms.

What kind of pom-pom should I use?

We sell ready-made fur pom-poms (in singles and pom-pom sets), but you can also make your own pom-poms very easily using either a piece of cardboard or a pom-pom maker. (I swear by these now because they’re so easy to use, and there’s very little yarn waste when you trim the pom-poms.)

Watch: How to use a Pom-Pom Maker

You can also make your own pom-poms in other ways, either sewing a pom from faux fur fabric or crocheting some of our Fable Fur into a pom-pom. You also have a few options when attaching a pom-pom to a hat (psst! You can make them removable for easy washing).

Let’s check out the patterns!

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Pom-Pom Knitting Patterns: Hats

Pom-poms are a great topper for most knitted hats! Here are some of our favorite knit hat patterns that feature a fuzzy faux fur pom-pom!

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The style of pom-pom you choose is up to you, of course, but some hats just look extra cozy (or stylish) with a handmade yarn pom-pom!

Other Knits with Pom-Poms

a hood-style knitted hat in white with long strings that end in fur pom-poms

The Lillabon Bonnet is an alternative to a traditional winter beanie, knits up quickly in bulky yarn, and is accented playfully with large pom-poms at the end of its i-cord ties.

A knitted scarf with pom-poms at each end

Fawned is a wide and warm scarf with a meandering cable surrounded by swaths of seed stitch. Pom-poms on each end add whimsy to warmth.

A gray knitted throw with white pom-poms accenting its hem

And you can always add pom-poms in other unexpected places to add some fun to your living space! The Triangles Pom-Pom Blanket makes use of plush fur poms attached at regular intervals along the hem to add coziness to your home décor.

What’s your favorite of these pom-pom knitting patterns (or do you have a different one)? Feel free to share in the comments!