Knit Picks Podcast Episode 335 – Meet Tian Connaughton
Tian Connaughton wearing the 32 Market Street Tee

We’re back. Winter is here and our Knit Picks Team is very busy working to bring you exciting new things in 2021. If you missed it in last episode, we said goodbye to our Knit Picks Host Hannah Maier as she embarks on new adventures. Behind the scenes we’re working on our new podcast voice and style so stay tuned. 

Last year Knit Picks and our sister brand WeCrochet ventured into the world of live streams. Today we’re sharing with you an interview that WeCrochet did in the fall of 2020 with knit and crochet designer Tian Connaughton. Tian is a joy and we are very excited to share some of this interview with you. Sara, who has been on this podcast before, asks Tian about her crafting story and her inspiration and business.

We’ll have new things to share about Tian’s work later this year but until then you can start to get to know her, if you don’t already. So grab your knitting, settle in, and get ready to meet your new knitting friend. 

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Real Talk With Tian

0:00 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast
1:18 Sara from WeCrochet interviews Tian Connaughton
10:32 “How do you start with a design”
14:29 Love women entrepreneurs helping women entrepreneurs
30:37 Credits