Podcast Episode 219: Our Evergrowing Craft World

This week, Jenny and Kerin sit down for a chat about their easily-enabled world of crafting. From knitting and spinning to beading, weaving, crochet and tatting, it’s sometimes just too easy to get sucked into a whole new craft. Our recent obsession: crochet! Having attempted to learn crochet several times, both Kerin and Jenny share their prior attempts before finally mastering the basics of crochet. And after getting the basics, our enthusiasm obviously didn’t stop there! After moving onto different projects to expand our skills, we of course had to try our hands at making doilies with Curio. Next, we chat about different project ideas and interesting types of crochet – like Filet and Irish crochet – to inspire your next project.


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  1. Iryna / July 31, 2013

    Hi Ladies,
    it was such a cool conversation about crocheting! I self-taught crocheter and host my hook as a knitter. I’d love to do it a classical way, like you have it on videos by Calora (not sure about spelling)!
    I remember I filet-crocheted a yoke for a night gown, which I sewn myself too in white batiste. It looked so elegant and vintage looking. Ah…
    I’d like to get Curio to crochet filet-based cardigan for myself. I had one made long time ago and loved it.
    And, yes, I am Russian in a way, so I learned all kind of crafts in school. Still enjoy it and hope to teach my daughter.
    Thank you for the podcast. Cannot wait for the next one!
    I am iris68 on Ravelry.

  2. Linda Ann Peck / July 19, 2013

    I recently purchased 2 balls of the new Curio thread. One is white, and the other “Victorian”.
    They are wunnnnderful (4-n’s!).
    I enjoyed your crochet podcast.
    I am KNITTING lace doilies with my thread.
    Way, way cool. Hooray for Herbert Neibling.
    Check out the Lacey Knitters Guild web site!

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