Podcast Episode 199: Interview with Anna Dalvi

Not ready to let go of your summer knitting just yet? Keep your lace projects inspired with this week’s podcast as Kelley chats with designer Anna Dalvi, author of the books Shaping Shawls and Ancient Egyptian Lace & Color. Hear all about Anna’s love of shawls and her design process for her book Shaping Shawls, which focuses on construction techniques for shawls. In her newest book, Ancient Egyptian Lace & Color, Anna uses her lace knitting expertise to explore the stories, symbolism, and mythologies of Egypt as reinterpreted through her lace designs. Anna also shares a few of her favorite mythological stories with Kelley and how they have inspired her designs.

Ancient Egyptian Lace & Color.

And don’t forget to check out Anna’s first book, Shaping Shawls!

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