Podcast Episode 166: eBook Author Interviews

This week is all about eBooks! First, Kelley gets a chance to talk with Erica Jackofsky, an IDP designer and author of the eBooks Sweet Treats and Musical Minds. Next up, Alison chats with Lee Meredith, who designed the Swerve Mitts available through IDP and created the eBook, Game Knitting. Kelley then catches up with Liat Gat who created a unique format where eBooks combine with videos. Liat currently has five eBooks available through Knit Picks and includes eBooks on magic loop socks, magic loop, 2-at-a-time mittens, learn to knit continental, and double knitting. Finally, Alison talks with designer, Beth Hahn who also is part of the IDP program and combines stories, watercolor illustrations and knitting patterns in her series of eBooks, The Adventures of Miss Flitt


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