Podcast 245: High Fiber – Listen NOW!


Are you a fiber lover? Have you considered the animals from which you acquire your materials? In this episode, recorded at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, Oregon, we interview farmers of three different animals raised for their fiber, and ask them what they enjoy about doing just that. Jack Lyda, of Honey Lane Farms (above) tells us about his love of raising Shetland sheep.



Dave Archer of Inti’s Gift Alpacas tells us about the two main types of alpacas, how their fibers are different, and what’s challenging about raising these adorable animals.


Heather and Shannon, lovers of angora rabbits, tell us how they started raising rabbits about three years ago. They’re getting ready to take a really epic road trip with 30 angoras!


We also hear from podcast listeners Lindsey and Shaina about their good/bad experiences spinning and knitting with exotic animals. Put yourself on a “high fiber diet”, and enjoy!

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