The Oh-So-Sweet Marguerite Dishcloth

The Marguerite Dishcloth | Free Dischloth Patterns from Knit Picks
Traveling is a fantastic time to catch up on crafting time. This last spring I visited New Jersey to watch my sister participate in the Special Olympics USA Games. The long plane ride, countless bus trips, and hours of train adventures all paid off with a glorious pile of completed projects.

Dishcloths are especially conducive to travel entertainment, as they fit snugly into your purse (or fanny pack, if you’re a chic, stylish traveler like myself). It’s also a fun way to strike up conversations with your fellow travelers. You know they’ll make a swell traveling pal if they can appreciate your fiber art skills.

I love the feminine waves and points of this pattern, which create a dazzling, fan-like effect. Crocheted in our sumptuous Comfy Worsted cotton, you could try any number of color combos – a rainbow palette for a vibrant dose of color, a combination of blues and turquoises for a seaside aura, etc.

Happy crafting!


  1. Marguerite / October 24, 2014

    Dang. I was hoping this one would be knitted, since I’m not a crocheter!

  2. Schagenaar / October 13, 2014

    On the internet I see many lovely patterns for dishcloths and I am tempted to make some. My question is, what exactly do you do with a dishcloth? Do you use it for washing the dishes or for cleaning tabletops and kitchen work tops? The cloths we use for cleaning the kitchen in Holland are quite different and we do the dishes with a brush, so I am a bit confused. Can you help me please?

    • Charlene / October 13, 2014

      Yes, we use dishcloths for washing dishes (as well as sponges and brushes) and we do use them for cleaning the table tops and kitchen countertops. Those made with a softer yarn we use as face cloths and body cloths, as well. You should try making some; I think you’ll love it.

    • Heidi W / October 15, 2014

      As Charlene said, we use dishcloths for cleaning dishes, tabletops and counter tops! I’ve even used the softer cotton ones for face cloths or baby burp rags 🙂