Pawtastic! Collection
Knit Picks Boston Terrier Sock pattern from the Pawtastic! collection.

Designer: Margaret Mills

Let me start by admitting that this collection was long, LONG overdue. Our lack of doggo-inspired knits was something we lamented on a daily basis around the office. After the success of our feline-friendly 9 Lives Collection, we knew the clock was ticking for us to produce its canine counterpart. I’m beyond excited to announce that wait is over and we can officially introduce you to our newest labor of love, Pawtastic!

While every single pattern in this book gets an A+ in my opinion, there are a few that I can’t help but mention. And HEEEERREE they are!

Boston Terrier Socks – Knit in Stroll ( I mean, just look at that face! )

Knit Picks Doxie Love Cardigan from the Pawtastic! collection.

Designer:Cassie Castillo

Doxie Love Cardigan – Knit in Palette

Her Royal Fluffiness – Knit in Wool of the Andes Sport

Knit Picks Clever Canine Cushion from the Pawtastic! collection.

Designer:Jenny Williams

Clever Canine Cushion – Knit in Wool of the Andes Worsted

Knit Picks Bark-a-Loungers from the Pawtastic! collection.

Designer: Kalurah Hudson

Bark-a-Loungers – Knit in Swish Bulky & Bare Swish Bulky

Knit Picks Grr Sweater from the Pawtastic! collection.

Designer: Ivy Sipes

Grr Sweater – Last, but certainly not least, show your best friend a little knitted love with this adorable little sweater. Knit in Swish DK (washable!), the pattern offers both a single color and colorwork version.

This collection is dedicated to all the puppers of the world: all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all breeds. We love you to the moon and bark!


  1. Claudia T / May 30, 2019

    Such a cute, friendly pattern collection. None of the patterns look like my dogs, although the personality is there! I have a 160 lb english mastiff, so knitting him a sweater will take more effort than knitting myself a sweater, but I think the payoff (in adorableness) will be immense.

    • Kate M / May 31, 2019

      100% agree you should make your big puppers a sweater!

  2. Meredith MC / May 27, 2019

    The mittens actually look like my pup, but she’s a darker brown. I’m not a mitten wearer, but I bet I could use the chart to knit a pillow, or even a sweater.