Finished my Classic Lines Cardigan!

I’m done! I’m done! I calculate that my Classic Lines Cardigan is the most stitches I’ve ever knit for one project–coming in around 76,000 stitches (38 size). Eeep! I’m glad I didn’t make that calculation before I started! I squeeked this one in under the 6 month mark, and it fits like a dream, so I’m quite proud.

Angela helped me take some photos. It’s very windy outside, so it was quite the challenge to get the lightweight sweater to lay flat.

It’s supposed to be 90 degrees today, but our office is always chilly, so I’m wearing my cardigan now. The only modification I made to Alison’s great pattern is to knit the sleeves longer for my monkey arms (mine are 20″ instead of 17″), and to finish the bottom hems while I knit instead of at the end. My favorite part about this pattern is how professional and finished it looks. Thanks to the hemming, steeking and spit-splicing, I had zero ends to weave in. How cool is that? The hems look so pretty too.

Thanks, Alison, for a great free pattern!

PS: In case you haven’t been following in the KAL, my CLC is knit with Shadow in Cattail and Shimmer in Eucalyptus. <