Knitting Socks with Jane Austen

Sense and Sensibility read by Juliet Stevenson takes Jane Austen to a whole new level. I thought I knew the story – I’ve read it several times and seen the movies – but I was wrong. I spent hours this weekend knitting and listening to Juliet. Ok, I baked some bread and chocolate chip cookies. Can you tell Bob is on a business trip?

What are those lines of cream colored yarn running up my Ric Rac socks? That’s my little trick for getting my socks to match when I’m using DPNs. After I finish the first sock I put a long piece of contrasting yarn on a blunt needle and make a running stitch in increments of ten stitches until I get to the end of a particular section. For example, I stranded down the leg and ended up with 8 sections of 10 stitches and 1 section of 5 stitches. That gives me a total of 85 stitches to match on the second sock. I also use this technique for the heel flap and for the section from the bottom of the heel to where I begin to decrease for the toe section.

It’s a simple trick but it takes away my concerns about matching socks. I don’t worry about being one or two rounds off but the stranded yarn means I won’t be off by half an inch or more.

Jane Austen will be keeping me company again tonight. But, we will be knitting my Classic Lines Cardigan. Tomorrow is CLiC Tuesday!! <