I finished my Montavilla Market Tote.

Here’s a pic–the project looks nicer than my gloomy pic shows

Actually I finished it this weekend while watching the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, “30 Days of Night” about vampires that attack an Alaska town in winter. I was alone and it was dark and I was gripping my needles with all my might.

It’s quite a bit smaller than the original tote pattern called for because, well, I’m short. I made the the body about 10 inches instead of 12, and I made the handles shorter. And, in the spirit of full disclosure, I accidentally knit it wrong side out–the bottom panel has the “wrong side” on the outside of the bag, but I’m ok with it.

I’m very, very happy with it. I promptly threw it on the floor in the back seat of my truck, so I’ll always have it when i go to the grocery store. I didn’t know if I would feel like I could do that–ya know? would it feel too precious to actually use. The multi-colors seem like the won’t show dirt, so I feel good about it not staying pristine. I need to go shopping now, just so I can use it.

Because it is one of our “Knit 1 Give 1” (K1G1) kits, I have PLENTY of yarn to make a second one–even if I did use about 3 feet of my Simply Cotton Toffee to stake up my new lilac bush on Sunday. <