I’ve fallen in love with Sock Innovation by Cookie A.

I had a lovely chat with Cookie that will be my podcast on April 29th. To prepare for the interview I carefully read through Sock Innovation and it is such a fantastic contribution to the knitting world.

Just looking at the photos of Cookie’s intricate socks can be intimidating. I know because that was exactly my reaction. “Why in the world would I knit socks with that much textural detail?”

Well, I read Cookie’s book and did a complete 180! Then I talked with her for the podcast and I’ve not only decided to join the Sock Innovation Knit-A-Long but I am going to knit the Lindsay socks with Gloss Parsley using Harmony DPNs. I love the beauty of the Harmony needles and I don’t think I want to have two of Cookie’s socks on a Magic Loop at the same time. A bit too mind-boggling since her designs often mirror each other.

I rather enjoy using double pointed needles, for a change. And, I love our Double Pointed Needle case! Where was this before I started using The Magic Loop method for my socks?

The clear sign of my love for a particular knitting book is when I take it over to Kinkos and have it spiral bound. You can see the edge of Cookie’s book all ready to sit open nicely for me as I knit.

I’m looking forward to having Cookie introduce me to a whole new level of sock knitting.