Have you seen the new freebies?

Just like we wish that peace on earth wasn’t only on Dec 25, we’ve decided to extend “Earth Day” to at least an “Earth Week.”

Katie made these awesome rear view mirror hang tags and/or a placard for your dashboard to help you remember your reusable grocery bags. By the way, that’s the first time I’ve ever used the word “placard” did I do it correctly?

I went digging through those dark, sad recesses of the cabinets around the printer and found a bunch of abandoned file folders. I literally had to wipe the dust off of them. I cut one side of the folder to 8 1/2 x 11 and stuffed it in the printer. It worked! Then, since I work for a knitting company, I threaded a tapestry needle with yarn and stuck it through the top and Viola, hang tag! I’ll keep one and give one to Angela and Katie. I think I’ll keep the one threaded with the three colors of Crayon.

You can find these and the other “printable” freebies here or under the freebies tab in “printables”. The other printables include gift tags that include washing instructions and “Made For/Made By” tags to print on that printable fabric that you find at craft stores to sew into your finished projects.

Fun. <