New for Spring: Renew Collection

“If you wear things you adore, you just look better” – Margherita Missoni

Knit Picks exclusive: Renew Collection

Revel in the details of Renew, our latest collection of simple + sweet spring sweaters and tops!

Everywhere I look, daffodils are displaying themselves proudly against the backdrop of dark and stormy skies. Cherry blossoms adorn the path along the riverbank in downtown PDX, and the air smells sweetly of freshly opened buds. It’s Spring, and it is glorious! While I live for the coziness of a good ole chunky oversized sweater, there’s nothing quite like feeling the returning warmth of the sun directly on my skin. The garments of Renew are similar to what I envision when I try to conceptualize my dream Spring wardrobe. Below are some of my very favorite pieces from this collection. Enjoy!

Knit Picks Renew Collection - Simply Surprised Tee

Simply Surprised Tee

At the top of my wish list – the Simply Surprised Tee. What I love about this piece is the  balance between the simplicity of the front and the geometric detail of the back. Add to this the fit and drape of the Curio yarn, and you’re left with a wardrobe staple that will carry you from brunch to the office, with a random coastal excursion inbetween.

Knit Picks Cloverleaf Top

Cloverleaf Top

The cap sleeves of the Cloverleaf Top offer a flattering look, while the symmetry of the front and back pieces result in a shell that will look fantastic paired with blue jeans and canvas sneakers a.k.a. my weekend uniform.

Knit Picks Vintage Vee Tee

Vintage Vee Tee

THIS is the top that my favorite biz-cas power blazer has been waiting for. Knit in Comfy Sport, the softness and convenience can’t be beat!

knit Picks Lacy Shoulders tee

Lacy Shoulders Tee

A little feminine detail goes a long way with me. A perfect example are the shoulders of this top, which allow for just the right amount of fancy, yet the piece as a whole remains understated.

Knit Picks Renew

Yarns used in the Renew Collection: Shine, Comfy Sport, CotLin, Palette, Lindy Chain, and Curio.

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  1. EmilyVictoria / March 26, 2018

    These are all really pretty!