My Rainy Day Blanket

The soft gray days have rolled in, and with them my crochet color palette has taken a gentler hue. Typically one with a penchant for bold color combinations, I decided to craft a blanket in the neutral and lovely Wool of the Andes Dove Heather. Its misty tweediness is so apt to usher in autumn.
Wool of the Andes blanket
In order to prevent myself from getting bored working an entire blanket with just one color, I took a sabbatical my typical granny stripe technique and went with a puff/v-stitch combination (thanks to Simple Crocheting) for the body, and a half double crochet border.

Wool of the Andes blanket
It’s quite a lady-like and beautiful effect, yes?
Wool of the Andes blanketWool of the Andes blanket
With my cozy new blanket, a delicious book and doodle pad, I am genuinely excited about the wet days ahead. I am beginning to suspect that rainy seasons were created just so I can crochet more!
Wool of the Andes Blanket


  1. Linda / October 23, 2013

    Oh I love this look!! Too bad I can’t buy your yarn here in Canada.

    • Amanda / October 24, 2013

      you can, Linda – I live in BC and place orders with them online; their shipping is fast and reasonably priced, especially with a larger order 🙂

  2. Laura from beautiful West Michigan / September 26, 2013

    I love the fall! We get to put on sweaters and blankets and start a fire in the fireplace and watch football and take a football nap and see all the trees turn colors! My favorite season. That afghan looks SO cozy for all of the above!