Learn to Crochet: the puff stitch

Over the past year, I have been shifting my crafting energies from knitting everywhere, all the time to focus on expanding my crochet skills. And I have to say, I finally feel as though my efforts have been paying off! With practice, a few basic stitches eventually transformed into granny squares which grew into giant granny square blankets. So what has been captivating my crochet sensibilities lately? Textured stitches!

Once I got the hang of how to work bobbles to my crochet, I couldn’t help but learn a few more textures to add to my crochet repertoire. After bobbles, the next stitch on my list of things to tackle was the puff stitch.

I came across this texture when I first wanted to make the Classic Snood from Simple Crocheting by Erika Knight. Usually when I work a new technique or stitch, I like to work through the steps on a practice swatch. This lets me get comfortable with the pattern and hopefully prevents me from making any crazy mistakes on the actual project. Being a visual learner, I was in luck because we had a video tutorial on the puff stitch with the wonderful Kalurah Hudson!

After finishing up my generously sized practice swatch, I was super excited to start project. Not only did it work up quickly, I love the texture that this stitch adds. I can definitely see myself incorporating the puff stitch into future crocheted cowls, scarves, even hats!

Here is a peek at my finished project:

simple crocheting crocheted infinity cowl

Crocheted in City Tweed DK Orca

You can find more video tutorials for textured crochet stitches here:
the bobble stitch
the popcorn stitch

What is your go-to crochet stitch that you find yourself again and again?


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  1. Linda McCabe / September 27, 2013

    Great instruction on crochet technique, I do not crochet but enjoyed this tutorial.