More Monsters

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about making toys for my nieces & nephews.  I finished 2 more!


I’ve said it before but really love Rebecca Danger‘s patterns – they are so adorable & really fun to make. Like my niece’s monster, I made both of these guys with Swish Bulky.  I swear, it has turned into my favorite yarn.  I use it for so many different projects – in fact, I used it for the sweater I wear the most during the colder months (you can read my post on it in fact). Plus, I usually prefer to make larger toys and Swish Bulky is so nice to work with and makes the cuddliest toys!

Both of these patterns are from The Big Book of Monsters.  This green one is Larry (from the Lurlene pattern). I was afraid I would run out of Potion before finishing the hands & feet so I used some Hawk I had laying around for the arms & legs. As it turned out, I would have been fine but why risk it this time of year? Anyway, Larry is for my 7 year old nephew (who is really adorable – he’s even on our website). I think he’ll like Larry a lot.

I named this guy Gabba (from the Gabby pattern)

Gabba Hey 

I used Serrano for him & he’s for my 9 year old nephew.  Red is his favorite color so it worked out perfectly.  I like the way Gabba’s ears stick out!

I ended up not having any white felt to make the teeth, which is such a distinctive Danger Craft look!  I may try to add it later but I think they are just as cute without it.

I’m pushing into the final sprint of my gift knitting – one more hat & if I have time, another toy for my 5 year old niece (she already has something very special but I’ll write about it in a later post!).  Hopefully I can finish in time – there only a couple of days left! Eeek!