Monthly Yarn Sale: Wonderfluff!

Softer than a kitten, fluffier than a cloud, Wonderfluff is a technological marvel! Silky baby alpaca and fleecy merino fibers are blown into and caught in a lightweight tube of nylon mesh. The result is a yarn that’s beautifully bulky yet lightweight and warm, with surprising resiliency. Wonderfluff works with a wide range of needle sizes, and with 142 yards per 50g, the generous yardage allows for large, luxurious projects that won’t break the bank. Normally $8.49 a ball, it’s now just $6.79 through the end of June!

Not only is Wonderfluff on sale, we recently released new colors that are perfect for one of our favorite patterns, Professor Meow!

Here are some fun, color ideas to customize the Professor Meow and make it your own!

Make a Statement

Perfect for Fall, this dark color combination would packs a punch with Goji Heather and Bare.

Match your Brindle

Do you have a brindle or tortiose shell kitty? Match your cat with Brindle Heather and Hare Heather.

Contrasting Colors

Make the meow stand out by choosing a contrasting color of your kitty for the main sweater color. This one features Kale Heather and Brindle Heather.

One of our newer patterns that feature Wonderfluff is Dr. Woof. The color combinations are endless for this pattern too!

Match Your Best Friend

Choose colors that match your favorite furry friend! This one features Hare Heather, Brindle Heather, and Wellies Heather.

Bright and Daring

Use a bright color for the main color of your sweater to make a statement. We love using Turquoise Heather, Bare, and Cobblestone Heather together.

Another cozy sweater that is begging for custom colors is the Eldfell Pullover. The traditional neutral palette is gorgeous, but if you love color this is a great pattern to play with!

Pretty in Pink

This sweet palette would make you look like a nordic princess! This palette features Sweet Pea Heather, Larkspur Heather, and Royal Heather.

The Perfect Autumn Sweater

With colors plucked straight from nature with tones of fall leaves, combine Goji Heather, Brindle Heather, and Hare Heather to keep the vibe of Autumn all year round.

Ocean Blues

A peaceful palette would make the colorwork so enjoyable to knit! This palette features Atlantic Heather, Turquoise Heather, and Bare.

Wondering what all the buzz is about Wonderfluff? Make sure you grab a ball (or two!) during our monthly yarn sale. Remember, it’s is only on sale through the end of the month, so now is the perfect time to order your very own, utterly cuddle-worthy ball of fluff!