Outrageous Insteps Collection + New Hawthorne Colors

Hawthorne, our best selling sock yarn, is all about those bold hand-painted hues–and this latest update is no exception!

A reflection of the great Northwest, Hawthorne is a yarn inspired by the varied and vibrant place we call home. Each colorway shows off hand-painted hues and surprising pops of color that are as distinctive and exceptional as their namesake neighborhoods.

We love Hawthorne because it has the perfect balance of bounce and resiliency, just the ticket for hard-wearing socks, shawls, and sweaters. The new colors in the classic multi dye effect round out this robust yarn line and have already been cast on by many of my coworkers to make socks!

Outrageous Insteps

The fabulous patterns in this funky collection feature 2 of our famous sock yarns, Stroll and Hawthorne. Break out your favorite wild skeins from your stash, and get ready to cast on these socks!

Two of my favorite patterns from this collection are the Ferox Socks and the Sockwell Socks. The Ferox Socks are knit in such a rad colorway of our Hawthorne Speckle yarn called Andromeda Speckle. With colors inspired by the galaxy, this yarn is really showcased by the slipped-stitch motif. The Sockwell Socks also have slipped-stitches but have a completely different look! The easy to memorize pattern breaks up the pools of color in the hand-painted Hawthorne yarn.

If you love a 2 color motif, Milky Way Socks is a great pattern that lets the hand-painted skein of yarn you’ve been coveting shine! Delicate, small cables makes this sock so elegant. The Flowing Rivers Socks have unique diagonal bands of contrasting texture. Alternating between rivers of stockinette and twisted rib, these socks are knit with a mirrored effect.

And my absolute favorite pattern from this outrageous collection is the Tourmaline Socks. These are a two-color, squishy textured sock sprinkled with slip stitch and stripe patterns. The easy to memorize pattern makes it a fun project!

This collection is available in printed book, ebook, and individual pattern downloads. We would love to see these funky socks knit in our newest Hawthorne colors!