Learning to Knit Lace

Light and airy lace – the epitome of summer knitting! Although it can look intimidating, the basics of lace lie in the added yarn overs to create an open fabric. Throughout the main body of the lace pattern, you’ll often find these extra increases paired with decreases in order to keep the stitch count the same. However, yarn overs can also be used to create the shaping found in shawls.


Shadow Lace

If you have dabbled in lace or are new to the world of shawls, Kerin’s How to Knit Lace video class is sure to be your go-to guide for creating elegant lace wraps and shawls. This 12-part video class begins with a brief overview of lace knitting, then moving into the basics of how to determine the right yarn, fiber type, and color that will make your shawl shine! Next, you’ll follow along with Kerin as she shows you how to cast on and make the yarn overs that will create your lace motif.

How to Knit Lace – Lesson 1

Many lace shawls use charts in place of written directions for the motifs and patterning, but not to worry –  if charts aren’t your thing, Kerin’s How to Read Lace Charts class gives you an in depth lesson on the advantages of using and reading charts, how to decipher symbols like the elusive “no stitch” symbol as well as nupps and other techniques, along with tips for lace charts – leaving you confident and inspired to starting your shawl.

How to Read Lace Charts

No matter if you opt for a challenging design complete with nupps and bobbles or are looking to keep things simple with the help of basic yarnovers, lace is a wonderful technique to add to your knitting repertoire.

What are your favorite yarns for knitting lace?



  1. Donna Amrani / August 1, 2013

    Great videos, very informative! Thank you!

  2. vicky webster / July 8, 2013

    I love your video and I want to learn more. What is the name of the shawl pattern under your left arm that is violet? Is it hard/