A sock for every mood

A sock for every mood

A couple of weeks ago, Glenna C. posted a note on how she decided to keep two pairs of socks on the needles at the same time. One would be an “easy” sock while the other would be a more challenging sock. Her theory was that she would then have a sock to knit when she needed something “mindless” and another sock to serve as a mental distraction.


Image from A Nice Ribbed Sock Ravelry pattern page, image by Glenna C.


Image from Jaywalker Ravelry pattern page, image by notscarlett

Glenna decided to use her Nice Ribbed Socks pattern but she thought Grumperina’s Jaywalk Socks would also be a good choice for her easy-to-knit sock. I went with GlennaC’s Nice Ribbed Sock using Stroll Handpaint Fingering in Lake Front for the easy sock.


I decided to take the plunge with Hunter Hammersen’s Delias Eucharis Sock from her book The Knitter’s Curiousity Cabinet, Vol. 2. I suspect it was because as soon as I saw Gloss Fingering in Guava, I knew it would work well with one of Hunter’s detailed designs. A light color that shimmers with a touch of silk.

Delias Eucharis Sock Magic Loop

Since the Delias Eucharis sock pattern repeats in the front and back of the sock, I decided to knit it using the Magic Loop Method. That way one entire repeat is facing me as I work the lace and cable design. Even though it looks daunting, I’m finding that the yarn-overs along the sides help me keep track of what cables to be doing.




  1. Pollie / July 9, 2013

    I do the same thing. I always have socks in my bag for those times when I find myself waiting. But I usually have more than one other pair in the work lineup as well. There are so many beautiful socks out there and I want to knit them all.

  2. Sarah / July 9, 2013

    This might be a good idea for me as well. I’m just finishing up a pair of toddler socks and I want something a bit more intricate and interesting but I also promised my father a pair of socks and he likes PLAIN MANLY socks. I was going to do 2 at a time for him but maybe I’ll just do one and something interesting!

    • Kelley / July 9, 2013


      Those plain “manly” socks will kill you every time! It’s not just that they are boring, but they are large!

  3. Marion, Keeper of the Knitronomicon / July 9, 2013

    I’ve been doing something like that for a while now – in fact, I’ve just finished two pairs of fairly plain socks (toe-up, Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heel, a three-stitch fake cable ‘plait’ up one side of each leg – one pair for a friend, one for me), which have kept me occupied while I knitted Sockmatician’s Drakar socks for ‘more complicated’ work – I needed to have the pattern in front of me for those!

    For the first time in … quite a while, I have no socks on the needles at the moment. I should possibly remedy that…

  4. Amy / July 9, 2013

    I always have a “mindless” sock going when I am working on large or complicated projects. This way I can take a break from the other projects.

  5. Glenna / July 8, 2013

    Looking great, Kelly! I think one complicated + one easy sock is an excellent plan. I’m still going strong with 1 ribbed and 1 Jaywalker, myself, but I’ve been eyeing those Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet ones, too! 😉