Ballerinas in Pink

Michelle Miller has been part of the IDP program from the very beginning – her Knitting Project Bag has been one of our most popular patterns! I’ve known Michelle for several years now and last summer we discussed doing a collection of her beautiful lace work.  She came up with a gorgeous proposal and the result is the stunning Ballerinas in Pink collection!

Michelle was inspired by the artist Degas’s series of impressionistic paintings from the turn of the century. (see some of the artwork here). Using a similar color palette, all of Michelle’s designers are stunningly beautiful and a wonderful addition to any lace lover’s pattern collection.

Easily the most eye catching piece is the cover pattern, Glissade.  The gorgeous red of the Gloss Lace she used combined with the large size of the shawl just takes my breath away.

If you prefer more traditional triangle shawls, you can ‘t go wrong with the lovely top down Chasse, with its knit on border (no binding off hundreds of stitches!)

Arabesque has a similar style – but with a very different pattern.  I love the soft peachy pinks of the Queen Anne Stroll Tonal used in this one.

If you prefer large wraps, check out Adiago, which combines lace with small cables to create a wonderful piece to wrap all around yourself.

Finally if you prefer smaller pieces, Michelle has included two!  The first, the pretty Jete Shawlette, here shown in Capretta Harbor.

And Plie, a small wrap/scarf, knit sideways with lovely edging details.

As always with our exclusive collections, you can get these patterns 3 ways – you can buy just the patterns a la cart (click on the photos above to take you directly to the pattern page) or as a complete eBook or even as a beautiful full color book to hold in your hands (currently 40% off during Book Sale)!  Be sure to check out Michelle’s other patterns on the site (including another gorgeous eBook, Fickle Knitter Design Vol. 1: Leaves eBook) as well as on her website!


  1. Lesley / July 15, 2013

    I agree with the previous commenter. I am interested in Adagio, but the pictures are lacking. I would love more pictures that display the actual pattern details, rather than the shawl being draped and worn where it’s impossible to see the pattern.

    As it stands, I’m waiting for someone on Ravelry to knit it and take better pics so that I can see if it’s as nice as I think it is.

  2. Lori Kissell / July 9, 2013

    Lovely shawls, I love Michelle Miller’s designs and have knitted a slew of them. Already bought the book because I saw the pictures on her site. I have to say, though, that the pictures in the book focus more on the models and the setting than the knitting designs, with the last design in the book (Plie ) being nearly indiscernible between being wrapped around the model’s neck in one shot and no lighting in another. Take it on faith that the patterns are exquisite, because you really can’t tell from the pictures, and buy the book.