On the Slow Train to Stroll Tweed happiness


It feels like everyone in the office has gone crazy over our new Stroll Tweed in fingering weight. I certainly fell in love with the colors with natural nebs. But, my project isn’t quite finished and I want to be clear… I’m not jealous!

Well, they don’t need to bring their finished projects into the office.


Even the little projects!


Remember the inspiration I had from GlennaC’s post in her blog, Knitting To Stay Sane. The simple, Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi Shawl.

Pi Shawl Yarn Selection

Remember how I choose colors from the sample knitting yarn box we received? How I was inspired by the colors to knit a Pi Shawl representing an ocean beach.

Pi Shawl nearly finished

I am so close! Before I share how happy I am with my shawl, I feel obligated to let you know that knitting a Pi Shawl is a huge commitment. I have been obsessed with this shawl for four weeks. It’s be exactly what I needed in terms of comfort knitting. I decided to use a K1,P1 seed stitch to make it reversible when I fold the circle over my shoulders.

See that tiny strip of Thirst Heather? It may not look like much but it is the “Ta Da!” of my shawl. I am so excited! You can’t see it yet, but I am going to finish the shawl off a simple Feather and Fan or Cockleshell edging. Imagine the waves breaking over the beach and beach rocks. Yes, I know, it will be easier to visualize after it is blocked.


I’ve decided that, towards the outside of the shawl, I am going to place a few rounds of Stroll Down Heather to represent sea foam. I am insanely happy with this shawl!! I can tell you it will be at least a few more days before you will be seeing the finished product but the Little Green Monster compelled me to share my progress with you.

Well, I feel better. The Little Green Monster has been banished!