Knitting Needles: When in doubt, try ’em out
On a white background, four groups of interchangeable knitting needles in various styles.

New to interchangeable needles? Not sure if you prefer metal or wood? Don’t worry! You can try your hand at knitting with both our nickel plated and laminated birch wood needles with one of our handy-dandy Try-It Needle Sets. Plus, if you spend $65+, you can nab one of these sets for FREE* with promo code: TRYIT20.

On a white board background: Four groups of interchangeable knitting needles along with the cables, caps and keys that go with the sets.

Already know what you love and want more of it? Save 20% on complete interchangeable needle sets** as well as individual pairs of tips. What are you waiting for? Sale ends 9/15/20, so don’t delay.

On a white background, six sets of interchangeable knitting needles: Green Caspian needles, Red/Purple Radiant needles, Two sets of Purple/Blue Majestic needles, blonde wood Sunstruck needles, and gray metal Nickel needles.

* Promo ends 8/24/20 at 11:59pm PT. One time use. Click for complete terms & conditions >>

** Excludes Prism. Sale ends 9/15/20.