August News: Summertime Block Party

It might seem counter-intuitive, but it’s my personal belief that August is the perfect time to start a blanket project. The days are still hot enough that the need for a cozy blanket is not yet there, but with nights cooling down, our desires to cuddle up on the couch with a comfy hand knit blanket are on the rise. Add to the appeal the ability to tackle your blanket’s construction one block at a time, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate late-summer portable project. Whether you’re a lover of clean lines and straight forward design or gravitate more towards the funky side of the bed with colorful hexi patterns and asymmetrical seams, our latest pattern collection, Block Party, will literally have you covered.

Block Party: Modular Blankets

Blankets are so much fun to knit when they are worked one block at a time! Every throw in this ten-pattern collection is constructed with blocks (or modules) in a variety of shapes, like squares, rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, and hexagons. Overall construction happens in a variety of ways: some blankets are knit one block at a time and then seamed together at the end, making them excellent portable knitting projects; others are joined together modularly as they are knit, making for minimal finishing! Each pattern includes a Color it Yourself! page so you can try out ideas and really personalize your special blanket projects.

New Yarns

Warning: things are about to get a little twisted…

Simply Alpaca Twist

These 3 stunning naturally colored skeins are created by twisting together different shades of our Simply Alpaca yarns. No dyes or bleach are used to process these fibers; these earthy colors are naturally occurring, meaning some variation from skein to skein might occur.

Simply Wool Twist

Say hello to these new twisted versions of our beloved eco-yarns, Simply Wool Worsted & Simply Wool Bulky. These earthy hanks are created by twisting together different shades of our Simply Wool yarns. As with our Simply Alpaca yarns, these fibers have been processed without dyes or bleach. Because these colors are naturally occurring, some variation from skein to skein might occur.

Palette Twist

Our colorwork champion, Palette, just got a new addition to the family. Well, 6 new additions actually (Asphalt Twist was feeling camera shy and didn’t make it into the shot). We’ve taken some of the most popular neutral shades of our fingering weight, 100% Peruvian wool yarn and twisted them together with Bare Palette. The result? A medley of subtly shifting marled colorways that are destined to become the star of your next circular yoke sweater.

And now, for the grand finale…

Hawthorne “Center Stage” Sock Labs!

If all the world’s a stage, these three limited-edition colorways aren’t merely players—they’re the stars of the show! With an impressive range of cheerful pinks and sprightly yellows to tantalizing teals and bold speckles in a wide variety of hues, these colorways offer layered, innovative performances that critics are calling ‘show-stealing’ and ‘the best thing to happen to socks since argyle.’ Created on our famous Hawthorne base, this yarn features a classic high twist, giving it the bounce, resilience, and star power it’s known for. We love this yarn for socks, shawls, and durable, lightweight garments. So what are you waiting for? It’s showtime!

Psst! Get all 3 colors in the value pack here and save 20%.

That’s all folks. See you in September. Until then, keep on the punny side.

P.S. One last thing! LET”S TALK NEEDLES. You’ll save 20% on pairs of interchangeable needle tips and full sets* from now until 9/15/20. Consider it our version of back-to-school supply shopping. 😉

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  1. Claudia T / August 15, 2020

    That stack of folded blankets looks SO cozy! and I really like these natural twists.