Knitting Needle Sale – Save 10%


Have you seen that our entire selection of beloved knitting needles is on sale? Whether you’re looking into adding a few interchangeable knitting needle tips to your collection or you want to invest in a set of double pointed knitting needles – you get 10% off!

Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick overview of our different needles including rainbow, sunstruck, caspian and nickel plated!

1. Rainbow Wood Knitting Needles


Totally gorgeous and a work of art onto themselves, our Rainbow Wood Knitting Needles have both smoothness and grip in perfect harmony! Plus, the classic wave of rainbow hues is simply irresistible.

2. Sunstruck Wood Knitting Needles


Sunstruck Wood strikes the same beautiful balance between smoothness and grip as our Rainbow Wood needles. But this sun-kissed needle does have one advantage: darkly-hued yarns are no match against its golden finish!

3. Nickel Plated Knitting Needles


Cool to the touch, our Nickel Plated knitting needles feature a super-slick surface – perfect for those knitters who have a need for speed! The ultra smooth surface also works wonders on wooly fibers, allowing the stitches to move easily from one needle to the other.

4. Caspian Wood Knitting Needles

91078108An ocean of blues and greens adorn the newest addition to our knitting needle family! Caspian Wood knitting needles have a smooth surface with a hint of grip and is a superb choice if you like working with slicker fibers like silk or bamboo blends.

5. Rosewood Knitting Needles


Yep, that’s right – even our limited edition Rosewood Knitting Needle Set are included in the sale! With a silky-smooth surface and superb strength, our Rosewood needles are available as both interchangeable and 10″ straight needle sets. Plus, the sets come in a luxe art deco inspired box that looks beautiful stored on your bookshelf (…when you’re not knitting with them, anyways)!

Want to explore the entire range of lovely knitting needles and save 10%? You can find all of our knitting needles HERE.

So, now that we’ve told you a bit more about each of our knitting needles – we want to know what you think! What are your favorite go-to knitting needles?