Toy Extras: A Sweater for Dolly

Today we continue our Toy Extras Series, where we suggest free patterns already on the Knit Picks site, to make with the toys in our new books Cute, Cuter, Cutest: Toys to Love in 3 Sizes. Out of all the friends in the knit collection, the Human Beans are my favorite. They’re the kind of dolls I love – simple to make and easy to customize. I’d like to make a few different ones, with funny mouths and eyebrows in duplicate stitch, noses made with safety eyes, of different sizes, on each one. I’d make simple clothes for all of them, and I’d probably make my own patterns. For this cable sweater, however, I don’t have to!

free knitting pattern

This girl doll has been a favorite around the office, and reminds me of my daughter Penny who is also a “yellow hair girl” (as she describes herself) with pigtails and knitwear sometimes handmade by me. Penny loves bright colors, so we made a sweater for this dolly using size 4 needles and Swish Worsted Brights (colorway: Pucker) from THIS PATTERN – free to download!

free knitting pattern

The only changes in the pattern were that we stopped at row 13 (and did not complete the last 2 raglan decreases – total:48 stitches). We finished it off with 4 rows of K2P2 ribbing, to make the sweetest ribbed turtleneck you ever did see! Our Human Bean loves her new sweater – and whoever might be the recipient of a Human Bean you make will love a sweater to go with her/him, too!

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  1. Holly K / May 19, 2015

    Hi Beth! It’s the medium Human Bean. I bet you could just size the needles up or down and make a sweater for the small or large doll. Their simple shape makes it super easy!

  2. Beth Rudo / May 18, 2015

    Which size of the Human Bean pattern is the girl doll knit in, to fit this sweater?