Kinkos and Circular Knitting Workshop

Whenever I come across a book that I know I will be using frequently, I take it over to Kinkos to have it spiral bound. It makes it easier to look at whatever page I need while I’m knitting. And, I think it makes the book wear well. While I was preparing for a podcast interview of Margaret Radcliffe on her book Circular Knitting Workshop, I decided to do something a little different.

Notice that the book isn’t spiral bound. And, notice the interesting goodies in the background. Yep, I decided that Margaret’s book would work beautifully in a nice three-ring binder with dividers for each chapter. Margaret did such a phenomenal of setting her book up just like a workshop. A multi-day workshop. But, you can take the classes at your own leisure. And, you can go back to check the lesson whenever you need as you knit.

I am thrilled with how well this worked out. Now I will probably spiral bind books with patterns I know I will want to knit but three-ring bind books that are predominantly reference books like Circular Knitting Workshop