Introducing Foursquare Needles!

Foursquare - Square Knitting Needles from

Our newest addition to the Options knitting needle family is here! We’ve been getting tons of customer requests for square-shaped needles, so it seemed like a perfect fit to pair our popular Majestic wood colorway with the new Foursquare shape. The gentle layers of color in the laminated birch wood look fantastic paired with the angled cut and fancy corners, and they are just as smooth to knit with as our other wood knitting needles.

Foursquare - Square Knitting Needles from
Why square? Some knitters find the flat edges and gentle, rounded corners to be more comfortable in their grip and allow them to hang on to their needles more easily. Warning: increased comfort may lead to longer knitting sessions, you may need more yarn!

Foursquare - Square Knitting Needles from
Foursquare needles are available in interchangeables, fixed circulars, double pointed needles, and straight needles. You can save by buying a set, although we also sell them as open stock so that you could just buy one pair to take for a spin. We can’t wait for you to try them out!

Foursquare - Square Knitting Needles from

Check out the full range here: Foursquare Needles.


  1. EvieMay / March 25, 2017

    I want to try the Four Square needles, but I don’t see size 4 or 5 in the interchangeable tips!!!

  2. Ladykolie / February 26, 2017

    I cannot wait for these to come out in smaller sizes for sock knitting on fixed circulars. Dpns just don’t work with my knitting style or I would have purchased them out right. I really hope they are well received so the line expands.

  3. Joan / February 23, 2017

    Dying to try the new square needles… hope they will de included in an introductory product sale!!!

  4. Rachel L / January 5, 2017

    Will these be available in single sets in the shorter lengths and smaller sizes? 8″ is too long for sock knitting.

    • Jennifer / January 6, 2017

      Rachel – the Foursquare Needles are currently available in 4″ DPNs set, but unfortunately not individually. We hope to have a short interchangeable set soon, and if the Foursquare line is well received we will of course consider expanding the offering. Stay tuned!

  5. Michaela / January 5, 2017

    Any chance of these coming out in Sunstruck? (In the DPNs specifically, since I’m allergic to the circulars/interchangables. :/)