Free Downloadable October 2020 Calendar

Welcome to October! The leaves are falling, the cider is stocked and the Halloween decorations are oh-so plentiful. My knitting motivation is also ramping up to full force, which I plan to take full advantage of. Did I just cast on a fingering weight sweater? YES. Will I ever finish it? PROBABLY!

A new month means new calendar backgrounds! We hope these freebies help bring cozy fall vibes to all of your screens this month:

To get the October 2020 calendar background of your choosing (smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers), simply click the applicable device icon below. Enjoy!

Desktop wallpaper calendar for mobile 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for tablet 2015
Desktop wallpaper calendar for desktop 2015


  1. Barbara Tait / October 13, 2020

    Can you provide info on the sweater in the photo? I love the design,

  2. Ayse / October 8, 2020

    Thanks a lot, I really love your picks and cannot wait for next month calendar. Just one question, why are you starting the weeks with Sundays, any special reason?

    I do not really look at the calender, because it confuses me, as I am used to have the first day on Mondays… If the weeks would be from Monday-Sunday, I would even print them out and use them during meetings!

    But thanks a lot for all your work and effort with these beautiful pictures!

    • Heather Mann / October 19, 2020

      Hi Ayse,

      Starting a calendar on Sunday is standard in the US, where we are based.

  3. Martha / October 8, 2020

    Wow, love the winter design it’s so pretty and elegant. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Gwen / October 4, 2020

    Omg, just beautiful and thank you so much!

  5. Heather-bo-bether / October 2, 2020

    Thank you for a bright beginning to each month!

  6. Ligia / October 1, 2020

    Thanks for the wallpapers, they are delightful and make my boring IT day to day more cheerful 🙂

  7. Emily / October 1, 2020

    Love it! (As usual.) However – The calendar is too far down in the photo to show fully on my laptop! The week of the 25th is covered by the taskbar. 🙁

  8. Rashida Taher / October 1, 2020

    Thank you

  9. Kelly / October 1, 2020

    I love this one! I have been knitting more this year than in the last 20. Knit Picks is helping me keep my sanity in 2020. Thank you so much for all the work you do. I’ll be placing another order soon!

  10. Teresa Morris / October 1, 2020

    Thank you! I have been using these calendar desktops for the last few months. I love them.

    • Lauren / October 1, 2020

      Thank you for the beautiful wallpaper. I love the color palette especially. One minor edit requested, however…the T for Thursday needs a nudge!