Finished Handspun Yarn – Blues and Purples

I finished spinning all 500g of the Wool of the Andes roving
that I dyed

I did end up plying the lighter blue bobbins (the top two in the photo above) with the darker purple-and-blue bobbins so that the color would even out among the skeins.  It worked for the most part, and I ended up with 5 skeins that varied only slightly – one is more purple, one more dark blue, etc.

It’s a pretty lofty yarn, and it’s slightly thick-and-thin bulky weight.  Now the problem is finding a project – I have about the equivalent of 5 skeins of Wool of the Andes Bulky, and I’m kind of stuck as to what to use it for.  With the way the yarn is spun and plied the final knit fabric will have some long shifting color transitions and, at a distance, will look subtly striped.  Do you all have any suggestions for a good knit or crochet project?