Possible cure for Second Sock Syndrome

I seem to have returned to knitting socks with DPNs. I still use the Magic Loop Method for certain sock designs. What I do still appreciate with the Magic Loop Method is being able to knit two socks at the same time so there is no Second Sock Syndrome.

I may have stumbled onto a trick for myself. I was knitting this sock in the evening and got to the toe decrease stage. I decided to not finish that evening. Instead, when I had some knitting time the next day, I finished the sock and rode that wave of enthusiasm on to casting on the second sock. I got about two inches started and now I’m very happy working on the second sock. I suspect that if I had pushed myself to finish the first sock the evening before, I would have been too tired to even contemplate starting the second sock. The next day, my excitement of casting off the first sock would have dissipated and I would have been in full blown Second Sock Syndrome.

The key was channeling my positive energy. I had to be disciplined to defer gratification until I knew I would have time to seque into the second sock. It certainly worked for me.

By the way, this is a sock I cast on in panic when I realized Bob and I would be going to a cocktail party and I didn’t have a party appropriate project. Panic! I found a couple skeins of sample yarn and a stitch pattern with slipped stitches to break up the colors a bit. They samples weren’t labeled so I will have to ask Alison what I grabbed. My photo is not great so I’ll take the skein back to the office to get her opinion. Then I will let you know what I am using.