Fightin’ Words in Progress

Well! We’re back from our adventures at TNNA and finally settling back in to this time zone. Between the airplane trip out and the little bits of down time I was able to snag at the convention center I finished one of the Fightin’ Words mitts I mentioned last week! I’m super excited about how they’re turning out (as I’m sure you can see by my face below!) and I’m chugging away on the second one right now.

I love how clearly the words are coming out and the Oyster + Salsa Heather Palette combination is really stunning. I can’t wait to finish this pair so that I can start another set! I was thinking maybe Sky + White or even trying something like Sky + White and then duplicate stitching the “BAM!” and “POW!” with Serrano? They’re such quick knits that it’s easy to imagine all sorts of other combinations while I work on them!