Endless Summer Braid

(photo from Endless Summer Braid pattern page)

Remember when I was thinking about knitting a collection of headbands to use in Mexico instead of hats? Well, last week I found myself without any projects in progress. Except for a pair of socks, I didn’t have anything ready for me to knit.

I scrounged around in our office yarn stash but I only came up with a couple of matching colors in anything I found appealing. It was exactly the incentive I needed to try some of the headbands in my Ravelry queue.

I found two balls of Chroma Worsted in the Superhero colorway. Then things fell into place. First, Bob left on a trip on Wednesday. Second, I finished up my podcast on Thursday and then headed down to give a talk to the Tigard Knitting Guild. I raced a thunderstorm home and barely made it into the garage before the sky opened up with sheets of lightening and pouring down rain!

I crawled into bed on Thursday night and slept while the storm raged all night. In the morning it was heavy overcast, drizzling and chilly. Perfect! I turned on the fireplace, made tea and settled down to work on my headband. The weather stayed pretty much the same for the entire weekend. By Saturday afternoon, I was weaving my knit strips.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I turned a couple of the bands upside down to break up the color a bit more before I started weaving. I am absolutely thrilled with my headband! I actually wore it on Sunday because I was definitely cold!

The fit is just a bit loose so I may end up giving it just a little bit of felting. I think it might actually add to the appeal.

(photo from Parisian Twist Headband pattern page)

I’ve already cast on for the Parisian Twist Headband, using Wool of the Andes Worsted in the Marina Colorway.