Eat Your Veggies!

Tis the season for growing things, eating fresh veggies and enjoying the great outdoors in a pair of flip flops. In the spirit of all this good weather (and my very happy little vegetable garden) I knit some wee veggies yesterday! I rediscovered Wendy Phillips’ FREE Carrot and Raddish pattern tucked away in the middle of my (rather extensive) Ravelry queue and quickly knit one little radish and two cute carrots in a crazy short amount of time. I used Palette in Orange, Sweet Potato, Lipstick, White, Forest Heather, Edamame and Black. I was so charmed by them that I couldn’t help myself and added some beady eyes and stuck sewed some pin backs to them!

Now I’m ready to venture out on the town, taking my little garden along with me. I think it would be even better if I wore these little guys while I took my house bunnies out for a walk in the park. Charming, no? They’re so quick (about 12 minutes each) that you could make a bunch for Easter or any kiddos you might know, they’re the perfect size to go with some dolls or stuffed bunnies too! My first “practice” carrot that I made from this pattern has already become a happy little cat toy. Now I wish I had even more vegetables to knit up to make a whole garden.