Baby Tubies Socks

We’ve had a lot of recent new additions to our office – babies!  So several of us have been scrambling as to what to knit up for these little darlings but now IDP Designer Nona Davenport has released a free pattern that is the perfect solution.

(It doesn’t hurt that she has an adorable model!)

Baby Tubie Socks! These are cute little socks, modeled on the classic knee high tube socks. Perfect for babies of either sex!

Each pair only takes about 100 yards of Stroll Sport and a few extra yards of a contrast color.  You can mix and match to your heart’s content – create some to match for the parents’ alma mater, a favorite sport team, or just their favorite colors!  I bet most people could finish a pair in a couple of hours.

Nona has long been a favorite designer around here – her patterns are wonderfully written and photographed and all the finished projects we’ve seen from them have been great.  Her first pattern in IDP was her Sushi Roll Hat and while we loved the pattern, we have also been in love with her daughter Ruby since we saw this great smile.

While Nona has a lot of adorable patterns for children, she has some fantastic adult patterns too, such as her gorgeous Freya Gauntlets, shown here in Capra

She has a total of 24 IDP patterns to choose from so there’s something for everyone!

Here’s some direct links!

Sushi Roll Hat

Freya Gauntlets

All of Nona’s IDP patterns

And don’t forget the free pattern!

Baby Tubies Socks

Have a great weekend everyone!