A Bit of Fall Color

The leaves aren’t changing colors yet, but I can share some of the fall yarn colors with you!

I’m particularly excited about our fall yarn colors, I got to help pick them at my first color selection meeting!  This seems crazy, but it takes a really long time to plan a yarn line.  When we pick new colors, we love customer suggestions and feedback, we look at upcoming trends, and we try to round out colors that are missing in yarn lines.  The Knit Picks staff loves a really diverse range of colors.  When we opened the box, everyone clamored for their favorite colors! 

As soon as we get a box of yarn, we open it up, and everyone in the office digs in!

Kerin loves bright colors and sock yarn!

Nina realized that this Tiger Lily orange color matches her shirt perfectly!

I love royal purple and sunny yellow!  I wear these colors a lot.

Angela is showing Karen from Connecting Threads one of our new super soft yarns.  

This golden honey color looks pretty good with Stacey’s Lemon Curd City Tweed vest.