Embroidery: How to do the Duplicate Stitch

To round out our embroidery tutorial series, this week’s technique is all about duplicate stitch! This particular stitch lets you embroider on top of your existing stitches of stockinette fabric in a contrasting color. It also mimics the structure of your stitches, making it a fairly seamless way to add colorful motifs or other designs onto your knitting. And I must say – this is the perfect technique for smaller projects when I don’t feel up to using stranded knitting or intarsia to create the motif or pattern.

So to help you get started with the duplicate stitch, check out Kerin’s video tutorial on this technique.

Knowing how to do the duplicate stitch is helpful in so many ways. Not only can you embroider fun, colorful motifs onto your projects after your project is finished, but you can also use duplicate stitch to help mend socks with thin spots. Kerin did a really great video tutorial on darning socks with the duplicate stitch (which you can find by clicking here)!

And I’m sure by now you’ve probably seen the irresistibly cute collection of wristees from tiny owl knits – The Woodsy Association.


If you’re tempted to make these mitts, but intimidated at the colorwork portion for the adorable animal motifs – you’ll be happy to hear that Stephanie of tiny owl knits actually suggests using duplicate stitch for these!

What’s your favorite use for duplicate stitch – embellishing or repairing?