Our Crafty Resolutions for 2018



Kate, Administrative Assistant

It’s Year of the Dog according to the Chinese Zodiac, and I’m definitely drawing inspiration from that for my crafty new year plans. As someone who recently adopted a 5-year-old female boxer (named Debbie BTW), I can’t help but feel compelled to make ALL the things for my newest family member. Debbie will require at least 3 cowls, a cozy blanket, and if I can master knitting in the round, perhaps a hat with ear cutouts.  Aside from my fledgling foray into the world of doggy couture, I hope to spend more time teaching my daughter to use her new sewing machine and perhaps how to finger knit.

(cute doggy photo courtesy of @arnoldstaffzenegger)

Stacey, Outreach Director

My 2017 Resolution was to finally knit myself some sweaters again. And, after a couple of false starts (and much cursing), I finished exactly one sweater – but it’s one I’ve been wearing constantly so it was worth it. For 2018, I need to stop getting distracted from my current WiPs with an “ooo, shiny” new yarn or pattern. I have so many half finished projects it’s ridiculous! So I’m going to attempt to narrow that down to 1 project at a time. (okay who am I kidding – I’ll narrow it down to 2 projects at a time, I need to have a boring pair of socks on my needles at all time.

Hannah, Catalog Director

2018 is the year of wardrobe staples for me! I use that phrase so often in the catalog and yet completely ignore my own advice when it comes to my personal knitting queue. I get sidetracked by complicated or technically awesome patterns without stopping to consider if each project fits into my existing wardrobe or would be something I’d wear more than once. This year, I want to focus on making timeless (and perhaps boring) knits that will be worn time and time again without hesitation. I expect to see acres of stockinette stitches (ugh) and simple silhouettes to fit neatly in all those pesky gaps in my wardrobe.

Daniel, Amazon Director

In 2017, I really concentrated on my knitting, trying to even out my skill set. While I’m no longer an advanced lace knitter that’s never made a pair of socks, I’m also ready to refocus on non-knitting crafts. So my resolutions for 2018 are to get back into regular bread baking (at least once a week is my goal) and sew at least one new tie a month (maybe stretch to sewing an actual garment). For knitting specifically, I want to make and complete more things for myself. Going to Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle, I realized how little of my own knitting that I keep, and I’d like to fix that. I’m hoping to make a few shawls, and at least one new cardigan, pullover, and vest.

Jennifer, Brand Director

Hmm. My 2017 fiber-related resolutions were a complete bust! I hoped to learn crochet and attempt to knit my first sweater… neither of which I accomplished. Perhaps in 2018?


I was a touch ambitious with my 2017 resolutions, therefore I have scaled back to only one in the area of crafting (because you know I have others) and that is to learn to crochet. Of course, if I learn knitting in the round and make myself a cardigan I’ll consider that a coup, but I’m not going to hold myself to it.

Brooke, Graphic Designer

I didn’t make any resolutions for 2017, which is one of the reasons why I’m so glad to be around so many motivated people here (being around motivated people with resolutions will totally give me resolve… right?). In the last year or so I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on learning to knit and playing guitar, but unfortunately, I don’t usually do them consistently.  A month of making two giant blankets was quickly followed by 3 months of no knitting at all. The same was true of my guitar recordings — a month or two of recordings every day became not recording for another 3 months and repeat.  I want to build up project endurance so I’m going to scale back my project sizes and scale up their frequency.

This time next year I’m resolving to have knitted at least one small-sized project each month and recorded one guitar video at the same interval.  I think it will be very valuable to my creative habits if I can (somehow) manage to get through a whole year with that kind of consistency.

Elaine, Graphic Designer

My resolution for 2017 was to plan my wedding and not stress myself out too much with all my DIY decorations, which I believe was a success. Not every idea came full circle, but I was happy with the few crafty projects that made it into the ceremony and reception. It was an unforgettable year, and 2018 is looking to be another one for the books!

With a new baby girl on the way, my crafty resolution is to finally branch out and knit in the round. I’m a sucker for all the cute baby hat patterns on our website, so I’m excited to try a few out and hopefully succeed (fingers crossed). Since this is my first baby I’m not sure how much time I will really have to devote to knitting, but I’m hoping to have a few moments during my maternity leave. Even if they don’t come out perfect I know I will have the cutest little model helping me out!




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  1. EmilyVictoria / January 10, 2018

    My resolution for last year was to not have a stash. I know… Tea cups everywhere just shattered. Let me explain. We lost everything in our storage when a boiler exploded, literally everything I had ever knitted my son was just gone as well as all the yarn. So I decided that I didn’t want to have random balls lying around anymore. I wanted to purchase yarn with real intent and knit that item as soon as I got the yarn, then only after I finished was I allowed to purchase more. It worked. I saved money (I also decided not to purchase books and only use the library, been B&N member free for three years now), and I of course finished everything I started.
    Thus, I shall continue for 2018. I have the sleeves of a sweater to finish and my mom gave me two small balls of sock yarn, after those socks are knit, then I shall decide what to make and order next.