Classic Knits for Kids


There are very few things cuter than children’s knitwear. Well, kittens might possibly be cuter, but once you have a sweet, sleepy knit cat to cuddle the whole argument goes out the window because THAT is the cutest thing I can think of. The new Classic Knits for Kids pattern collection has everything you need for new babies all the way through the toddler years (including the timeless Sleepy Kitty pictured above).


The Peter (vest) and Wendy (pinafore) pattern is a great basic pattern that can be for any gender and has sizes from 6 months – 3T.


The Kitty Hat, Booties & Mitts Set absolutely sends me over the moon! I love little square hats because the little “ears” will pop out without any extra shaping.

A fun side note: all of the props in this pattern collection are things from my own childhood. I had a whole set of those little white rabbits, and little white dress is my mother’s from her childhood.


Jenna brought little Hannah in to the studio and we were able to pop the hat and socks on her while she played in the studio.



Those knees! This set in particular really needed a cute set of baby knees to complete it and I’m so glad that we were able to have a little play date with Hannah just for these socks.


The Little Old Man Jacket and the Heirloom Layette Set are two ends of the baby garment spectrum. The little seed stitch elbow patches and tiny pockets would make any baby look like a sophisticated cast member on Mad Men. The Layette set is a wonderful garter stitch version of the traditional baby knit. I love the small lace details and I think it would equally cute in a pop color (Blue Topaz Stroll Sock, anyone?).


I saved my favorite pattern for last! The Striped Pullover pattern features two distinct sections of stripes, a useful button placket on the shoulder and is knit in the wonderfully soft (and washable!) Shine Sport. There are so many neat color combinations with white as the contrasting stripe color (that hot Cosmopolitan pink, the cool grey Robot color or that pale Sky in Shine Sport). I think Reef and French Blue in one sweater would be fun too!

I have a few friends and relatives who are due for some baby knits and I can definitely promise that quite a few of these projects will wind up in my queue this month. What about you? It’s spring again and it seems like there are babies everywhere, will any of these make it on your “to knit list”?


  1. gaela / May 17, 2014

    I LOVE the little man jacket with the seed stitch elbow patches. My first grandchild is on his way and I have way too many items on que, but I can’t resist adding this to the list.

  2. rebekah / May 13, 2014

    I kinda want some kitty paw socks for myself.

    These patterns are freaking adorable and I will be purchasing them for sure!

  3. Julie / May 13, 2014

    those kitty paw socks are so freaking adorable!!

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