Teal Swirl Dishcloth

Blankets are my favorite thing to crochet, and I rarely deviate from this sacred path. That is, until I realized that dishcloths are like mini blankets, with quicker turnaround!
Teal Swirl dishcloth
Dishie yarn
Left to right: Kenai, Tranquil, Honeydew, Swan

The Teal Swirl Dishcloth is a simple double crochet stitch, worked in the round in a lovely ombre palette of Dishie cotton blues & greens.

A few more color palette ideas, for your inspiration!

Dishie yarn colors
Left to right: Fiesta Red, Begonia, Flamingo, Swan

Dishie yarn colors
Left to right: Mulberry, Aster, Kenai, Azure
Dishie Yarn colors
Left to right: Conch, Flamingo, Creme Brulee, Swan
Dishie yarn colors
Left to right: Coffee, Chestnut, Linen, Swan

And find the pattern for the dishcloth here!

Teal Swirl Dishcloth