Can’t stop spinning!

Thanks to some wheel oil, audiobooks and too many trips to fiber festivals, I’ve been doing a lot of spinning!

I finally plied up the Hanks in the Hood singles, too – it’s just so shiny and bouncy. I really wasn’t sure how the ply would come out, but I am impressed.

I really love the way the colors came out in that yarn. But that leaves the question that I always have lingering over my handspun – what will I do with it? Admittedly, only a few hanks of my handspun have ever become anything, and that was largely because I spun it up with a planned project in mind. But all five of these hanks are four ounces (more or less), from sport to aran weight – about the only thing I can think of to knit is hats. That’s what my handspun has become before, though I’ve got so many hats now I’ve lost count.

So, what would you do with about four ounces of rustic handspun? Help a gal out!

Undeterred by indecision, though, I stopped by the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene this past weekend and picked up yet more wool!

These three beauties are from Aunt Janet’s Fiber Mill. The way the colors are un-blended really caught my eye – I was just so curious to see how they spun up that I had to get some. Depending on how the singles turn out, I may ply them with some of our Full Circle Roving; I have Espresso, Fawn, Caramel and Quarry at home for just such a purpose. I think that could really make the brightly colored wool stand out, not to mention I’d have enough yarn for a much larger project!

Now that I have new pretty wool to play with, I’m going to have to hurry up and finish plying the natural Jacob wool that’s been occupying my wheel for a while.

I got this beautiful wool, and two hanks of natural-sheep-color yarn while in Joseph, Oregon last month. Love it! I have about 9 ounces of that – plenty for a small shawlette or a fluffy scarf. But, what about the rest? What do you make with your handpun?