Book of the Week: Amigurumi at Home

When my craft book collection started to get out of hand, I made a rule. I wouldn’t buy a new book unless I saw at least three projects inside that I wanted to make. Well, I am definitely buying a copy of Amigurumi at Home by Ana Paula Rimoli. I want to make every single thing in this book!


As you might know, I just learned to crochet. I just love it, but my biggest anxiety is reading patterns. The patterns in this book are really simple and straightforward, and they give me confidence that I could complete them easily. With two small daughters, I’m going to make some things they will really love. I think everyone in the office screamed when they saw these amazing Dog and Cat Foot Warmers – so funny! They’d be great as rugs, too, don’t you think? You could change the cat to a bear and have a hilarious crocheted “bear skin” rug as a talking point in your apartment, home, or dorm room.


Speaking of rugs, I love this Little Teacup Rug. There’s a cupcake rug in the book, too. Since we have daily (sometimes hourly) tea parties at my house, I love the idea of a little rug to sit on for the parties, or beneath a table and chairs, as pictured.


My girls are still getting their teeth, but as soon as those baby teeth start wiggling, I’ll be casting on for this Tooth Fairy Pillow. With a tooth (or, um, money) pocket in the back and a bow on her head, this pillow is ready to be tucked in at night.


What I love most about Amigurami at Home is that the projects are cute, without being complicated. They seem unfussy to make and enjoyable to keep, or give as gifts. You could play with gauge and make teeny versions of each project, or upscale them in bulky yarns for some jumbo fun (talk about jumbo fun, all books are 40% off right now!).

Around my house, my toddler calls every new stuffed friend “Baby”, as her vocabulary is still growing. I can’t wait to give my girls some new “babies”: on the floor, in their beds, and probably carried around my house, constantly. I’ve already started crocheting my first one!

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