Advanced Cabling Techniques: Intarsia Cables

In the second installment of our Advanced Cabling Techniques video series, we add color to our cables! In last week’s video, we highlighted how to create multiple crossing cables, which are cables with a three dimensional appearance that makes it look as though you are creating interlocking rings.

This week, we shine the spotlight on intarsia cables! These eye-catching cables are combined with the colorwork technique known as intarsia, allowing one section of the cable to be in a different color than the rest of your knitting. The best part is, with only the help of a highlighter or marker, you can easily transform any cable chart into your very own cabled, colorwork creation.

Check out the second Advanced Cabling Techniques video to start adding intarsia cables to your projects!

If you are a cable knitter and have dabbled in intarsia colorwork, this intriguing technique is something you must try! You will be able to highlight certain parts of complex cables that might otherwise get lost in the overall design, or try creating cables with a different color for each strand of the cable.

My favorite part of intarsia cabling is just how simple it is to add this effect into your projects. Begin with a chart that you have worked before or are familiar with and choose a strand of the cable to highlight. Experiment with different colors and placements of the colored cable, but most importantly – have fun! And to help you follow along with the video, you can get your own copy of the intarsia cable chart here.

Have you tried intarsia cabling before?