Baja Travel Journal – Knitting

Remember how I have been wanting to return to the mantra simplicity of sock knitting? A pattern with enough interest to engage my mind but simple enough to knit whenever I had even a little bit of time.

Cindy’s Socks – they have now been officially named — are exactly what I needed. They are so perfectly matched to my knitting needs that I finished Cindy’s pair in record time. 

Here are my Cindy Socks in progress as Bob and I drive down the Baja peninsula. 

We took two days to drive from Vancouver, Washington to San Diego. We began our Baja drive by spending a couple of days in the Ensenada wine region at the top of the peninsula. Bob loves wine so we planned on a nice rest at a winery.

More about that in the next installment. Until then, here is the basic plan for Cindy’s Socks for you to enjoy.

Use your favorite toe-up cast/on. Once you have the number of total stitches you want you can begin the pattern repeat.

Round One: Slip one, knit one
Round Two: Knit
Round Three: Knit one, slip one
Round Four: Knit
Round Five: Purl
Round Six: Knit

Repeat these six rounds until your sock reaches just a bit short of your ankle when you try it on. I use a basic afterthought heel which is set up when the sock reaches your ankle. 

After the set-up for your afterthought heel, you just knit and knit and knit until you run out of the yarn you have for one sock. I like to play with different types of ribbing at the top.

Go back and work your afterthought heel and, Voila! You are finished! Well, you need to knit the second sock.

What I love about Cindy’s Socks is the way the purl round makes it easy to count repeats so I can be sure my socks match.