A unique drop spindling tool

Football season has begun!! Hours and hours of entertainment. Hours and hours of creative potential.

Before I became a tad obsessed with drop spindling, I spent many of these hours spinning on my wheel. I was a bit frustrated this weekend as the pre-season games began. But, look at my solution!

A nice high stool from our kitchen. All I did was move it a few feet to behind the sofa. Then, I spindled and spindled with lots of height for my drop spindle.

I wrap the cop around my Knit Picks spindle just under the arms since I am using it in its top whorl configuration.

Unfortunately the weather felt like it needed to contribute to the autumnal feeling. It never got above 50 degrees so I was bundled up in layers and I kept the fireplace going all weekend. Umm, I really do love football season!