Every knitter should give spinning a try

I know that my early confidence with knitting was the result of learning to spin before I learned to knit. Transforming fiber into yarn gave me an understanding not only of the properties of different fibers but also what I could expect from my finished yarn.

I’m not suggesting that you must buy a spinning wheel and a large collection of tools and fiber. In fact, you could probably find a handspinner in your local knitting guild who would be more than happy to let you spend a little time trying one of her wheels.

Of course, there is another option. You could give drop spindling a try. The mechanics are exactly the same as with a spinning wheel or even large spinning mills. There are many qualities of drop spindling that appeal to me – affordable, easy to learn, portable, relaxing and surprisingly productive. As part of the introduction of our Knit Picks drop spindle and spinning supplies, I recorded a series of lessons in drop spindling. I invite you to watch them and see just how easy it is to make your own yarn.

Here’s the first one to get you started:

Introduction to Drop Spindling

The spinners in our Knit Picks Spin-Along are very energetic and supportive. Be sure to join us so we can help you whenever you hit a little snag, so to speak.